Acu Machine (6 lead)


New & Improved Acu Machine, 6 Output plus Point Location & More

It has an indicator for sound and luminescent state, a timing switch, a power voltmeter and an operating output protection.


1. The output pulse waves of the machine are in low voltage and low frequency. There are five types of pulse waves to be selected. Continuous wave, dense-disperse wave, intermittent wave, ripple wave and respiration wave.

2. Four kinds of wave combinations can be used at the same time, separately and get the two output or more crossed to use.

Technical data:

Continuous wave: pulse duration = 0.5ms; repeated pulse frequency: f1=1Hz – 100Hz.

Dense-disperse wave: Dense-disperse wave displays alternatively, disperse frequency is f1 same as base wave; dense frequency is about 100Hz; pulse duration is 0.5ms; FREQ2 regulates the frequency f2 of 10-40 cycles per minute.

Intermittent wave: Pulse shows at regular interval at a frequency of 10-40 cycles per minute.

Ripple wave: Its amplitude increases to maximum and drops suddenly, and repeats the process.

Respiration wave: Its amplitude increases first, then drops quickly to zero, and repeats this process.

KWD 808-I comes with 6 outputs, 8 wires with alligator clips that can be used on 8 acupints individually or all together at the same time to apply acupuncture needle treatment; and it is also equipped with 4 self-adhesive electrodes that can be used to apply electrical stimulation without using acupuncture needles.

Size: 8.5”L x 6.5”W x 3.0”H

Weight: 3.3 lbs


1 – Acupoints Detecting Probe
8 – wires with 8 alligator clips
4 – self-adhesive patches
1 – User’s Manual
1 – acupuncture meridians and acupoints chart
1 – A/C adaptor for both 110V & 220V worldwide use (can be used in America, Europe, South America and elsewhere)

Note: D/C (9 V) is accessible with 6 x “C” CR14 UM2 Batteries (not included). The “C” batteries can be purchased from any local stores.