SkyEye FIR Radiator


A New Professional Far Infrared Lamp

SkyEye FIR Radiator is the only professional greater power far infrared lamp in the market, which has been extensively used by clinics and hospitals around the world. SkyEye FIR Radiator is also known as WoundCarePro-3000 lamp in the main stream…


4-14 micron wavelength of far infrared rays
Deep penetration
Low heat , but high efficiency
No dry skin or skin burn as stated
Direct shine without taking-clothes-off hassle
No pre-heating required
High power output up to 800 Watts while most others deliver 150 – 300 Watts.
Patented automatic temperature control
Applying advanced technology of ceramic semiconductor heater to prevents the device from overheat
Long-lasting (min.10,000 hours) and very durable 15 minutes only per treatment
360-degree rotation head for every angel shining
CE Mark & ETL
1 Year unconditional manufacture warranty

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Weight 500 lbs