TDP Lamp with Digital Meter/Oversized Shining Head


Far Infrared Mineral (FIM) Technology Nature’s Own Energy Light

Unlike conventional infrared lamp and microwave therapeutic device, The TDP Lamp features a round plate coated with a proprietary mineral formation consisting of 33 elements. And its far infrared ray ranges from 2-15 microns and 28-34 mw/ in intensity.

In Asia, TDP Lamp is called ‘Miracle Lamp’ because it looks like a lamp, but does not deliver any visible light. It was introduced into clinics and homes around the world including U.S.A.

Indications for use: intended to use to emit energy in the infrared spectrum to provide topical heating for the purpose of temporarily elevating local tissue temperature; and intended to use for the temporary relief of minor muscle strain spasm, temporary increase in local circulation where applied, and the relaxation of muscle.

Technical Specification:

spectrum power lifting limits of arm extension of supporter elevation degree 2-50 un 110V > 300 mm >500 mm >90

azimuth degree life of element plate shining distance adjustable height 360 1000 – 1500 H > 8” (20cm) approx. 55”- 66”

Mechanical features:

Digital meter displaying treatment time up to 99 minutes Eliminate the annoying noise of the regular dial knob timer An oversized element plate (30% larger than the regular lamps) innovated for more shining area 250 Watts Weight: 23 Lbs

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Additional information

Weight 500 lbs